Storm King's Thunder

The rest of day 3

The party managed to slay every single last goblin in Nightstone and went on exploring the walled village. They found a women on the second floor in the inn hidden away in one of the locked rooms. Once they got in the frightened woman introduced herself as Kella Darkhope and said she was knocked unconsious by the large boulder that fell through the roof. Morikasu didn't believe her story and kept a close eye on her. They told her she would be safe with Glim at the church while the others checked the village.

In the village they found 4 people crushed by the large rocks whom they buried in the graveyard. They also found a house with intricate markings on the front door which was still locked up and they broke some shutters and looked inside. Here they found a golden holy symbol to Asmodeus in the house which they thought would belong to the village midwife. 

Later that day when they were busy with making food they heard someone shouting at the front gate. They saw 7 riders on horses who wanted entrance to the village. The riders said they were bounty hunters looking for Kella Darkhope. While negotiating with the group Kella managed to escape and they found out she belonged with them. Guldir saw a flying snake and thought this group could belong to the Zhentarim.


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