Storm King's Thunder

End of day 4, start of day 5
Ardeep forest and deeper into the dripping caves

After dealing with the black pudding in the front area of the dripping caves the party returned Daphne to Nightstone together with the goblin villagers from Hark's tribe.

The villagers supplied the party with more information and the party helped the villagers a bit with some heavy lifting necessary for rebuilding Nightstone. They left the following day to follow the Orcs they faught the day before.

Soon it was apparent that the Orcs didn't dare to enter the Ardeep forest and made a circular track around the forest. After a while they lost the track all together and both elves decided to give Rond Arrowhome a visit to get more info. After a tenious introduction with Rond Arrowhome they got some more info and after they returned to Nightstone to group up with the rest of the party. 

Once grouped they decided to explore the dripping caves further and they found an excavated tunnel with a statue of a man beside it. They soon found out he was made by a basilisk which almost turned Björn to stone. 

On the other side of the tunnel they found an old well carved stone door with a symbol of fire, water and earth on it and the tekst stating "for all those who feel worthy"

Day 4 continued, the dripping cave

After dealing with the Orcs the party saddled the horses and went to the dripping caves with one of the guards. On route to the cave, Björn saw a tree with a sparkle in the middle and getting closer he saw that there was a small portal with a necklace hanging inside the portal which he grabbed. After he got back on his horse and the party continued to the cave. 

At the cave Eladrami used his wildform to turn into a rat and explored the interior. He saw two ogres and four goblins and reported back to the group. They set up a trap outside by making a sound like a shreeking pig and after making an illusion of a pig 60 ft from the entrance. The ogre went for the pig and then Glim cast grease on the entrance so the others couldn't follow so easily. The second ogre fell on her ass a couple of times trying to get past the greased area. 

After dealing with the ogres the party killed the goblins inside the large area in the cave, rescued the villagers and went on searching for Hark. 

They found him at the back of the cave and dealt with his retinue with some shots and a well placed moonbeam from Eladrami while casting a spell on Hark himself, suggesting he should undress himself and start wanking in the corner, right in front of the girl he held captive there. Undressed and without his guards he was dealt with in a matter of seconds

day 4

While taking a rest in the inn while a few were on guard duty, making sure they wouldn't be caught with their pants down, Bjorn had a strange dream with a small creature named Damh. He offered him more power in exchange for 'spreading the light'. Nothing else happend during the restfull night.

In the morning the part decided to check out the castle in the walled village of Nightstone. There they found 4 guards who were still very shaken by all that had happen in the village. While talking to the guards they hear that Lady Nandar died, giants attacked the village and took the nightstone and goblins raided the village. 

After they buried Lady Nandar next to Lord Nandar in the crypt they heard a group of orcs comming for Nightstone. The party noticed that these orcs were in combat not too long ago and after they killed more than half the pack the orcs fled, not being able to get a foothold in the village.

The rest of day 3

The party managed to slay every single last goblin in Nightstone and went on exploring the walled village. They found a women on the second floor in the inn hidden away in one of the locked rooms. Once they got in the frightened woman introduced herself as Kella Darkhope and said she was knocked unconsious by the large boulder that fell through the roof. Morikasu didn't believe her story and kept a close eye on her. They told her she would be safe with Glim at the church while the others checked the village.

In the village they found 4 people crushed by the large rocks whom they buried in the graveyard. They also found a house with intricate markings on the front door which was still locked up and they broke some shutters and looked inside. Here they found a golden holy symbol to Asmodeus in the house which they thought would belong to the village midwife. 

Later that day when they were busy with making food they heard someone shouting at the front gate. They saw 7 riders on horses who wanted entrance to the village. The riders said they were bounty hunters looking for Kella Darkhope. While negotiating with the group Kella managed to escape and they found out she belonged with them. Guldir saw a flying snake and thought this group could belong to the Zhentarim.

day 3 continued

So the party decided to let the group of robbers go after they told their story and Eledrami used healing to heal up one of the robbers. 
Bjorn was led to the older man by some strange power and actually healed the man from his disease but for his lack of knowledge just thought the man wasn't ill at all.
They interrogate the goblin who they captured but he didn't really know that much, except that their boss was named Hark and they are terrorising the area and sent this group of goblins to make sure none went to Nightstone.
After hearing this information the group went towards Nightstone with haste.

When the party got closer to Nightstone they heard the ringing of a large bell that came from Nightstone. Thinking there was something that would be wrong they made with even greater haste to Nightstone.
Once they got closer the ringing still continued and they could see that Nightstone got attacked, with the bridge to the castle down and one of the towers wrecked and large boulders scattered around the town they knew something bad had happened.
They saw that the large boulders came from straight up and figured a giant castle was here that dropped boulders on the town and destroyed a large part of it.
The party went for the front gate and saw that it was still open and entered Nightstone. In Nighstone they slaughtered two worg and a load of goblins who were raiding Nightstone. 
Bjorn got a massive wound from one of the worgs and Guldir got knocked out by a few of the goblins while he and Eladrami attacked a few of them and Bjorn, Glim and Morikasu were busy interrogating another goblin in the church.

days 1, 2 and 3

The first day was a nice day. The party got a little bit of information from a merchant caravan traveling from Daggerford to Waterdeep and they had a rest at the Flaming Griphon Inn.

The second day was a bit off a boring day, but the evening made up for it in a good way. Good drink with friendly merchants and a beautifull waitress serving the ale at the Whistling Stag Inn.

The third day started peacefully, but quite soon the party walked into a badly prepared ambush by robbers, who eventually helped the party to kill a small horde of about 25 goblins who thought they could rush the group of humanoids. The party managed to kill all but three goblins, two managed to escape and the party captured another one, ready to interrogate him. The party also needs to think about what to do with the robbers and the lady and her father they saved from the robbers and goblins

The call from Nightstone

Ever since the giants started attacking the lands of small folk there has been an increase in the call for adventurers. Since the small folk are spread thin to deal with the giants, more and more raids on town's and villages have occurred. Word has spread to Waterdeep that Nightstone is in need of such adventurers, for goblin raids have been frequent. As a popular retreat for wealthy nobles they aren't equipped to deal with this threat. Lady Velrosa Nandar, the High Steward of Nightstone has reportedly been offering a reward to anyone willing and able to deal with the goblin threat. Nightstone lies east of Waterdeep and just south of Ardeep forest.

How your party came together is not my story to tell, but I know where I can begin. It all starts with a group ready to begin their first adventure. The party's motives, may it be for fame, fortune, glory or something else are as yet unknown to the world, but sight has been set on Nightstone. The party wake up to a warm morning with but a few small clouds to the sky. Prepared and well rested after a good night's rest they set off for Nightstone …

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