Storm King's Thunder

day 3 continued

So the party decided to let the group of robbers go after they told their story and Eledrami used healing to heal up one of the robbers. 
Bjorn was led to the older man by some strange power and actually healed the man from his disease but for his lack of knowledge just thought the man wasn't ill at all.
They interrogate the goblin who they captured but he didn't really know that much, except that their boss was named Hark and they are terrorising the area and sent this group of goblins to make sure none went to Nightstone.
After hearing this information the group went towards Nightstone with haste.

When the party got closer to Nightstone they heard the ringing of a large bell that came from Nightstone. Thinking there was something that would be wrong they made with even greater haste to Nightstone.
Once they got closer the ringing still continued and they could see that Nightstone got attacked, with the bridge to the castle down and one of the towers wrecked and large boulders scattered around the town they knew something bad had happened.
They saw that the large boulders came from straight up and figured a giant castle was here that dropped boulders on the town and destroyed a large part of it.
The party went for the front gate and saw that it was still open and entered Nightstone. In Nighstone they slaughtered two worg and a load of goblins who were raiding Nightstone. 
Bjorn got a massive wound from one of the worgs and Guldir got knocked out by a few of the goblins while he and Eladrami attacked a few of them and Bjorn, Glim and Morikasu were busy interrogating another goblin in the church.


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