Storm King's Thunder

days 1, 2 and 3

The first day was a nice day. The party got a little bit of information from a merchant caravan traveling from Daggerford to Waterdeep and they had a rest at the Flaming Griphon Inn.

The second day was a bit off a boring day, but the evening made up for it in a good way. Good drink with friendly merchants and a beautifull waitress serving the ale at the Whistling Stag Inn.

The third day started peacefully, but quite soon the party walked into a badly prepared ambush by robbers, who eventually helped the party to kill a small horde of about 25 goblins who thought they could rush the group of humanoids. The party managed to kill all but three goblins, two managed to escape and the party captured another one, ready to interrogate him. The party also needs to think about what to do with the robbers and the lady and her father they saved from the robbers and goblins


ekersander ekersander

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