Storm King's Thunder

The call from Nightstone

Ever since the giants started attacking the lands of small folk there has been an increase in the call for adventurers. Since the small folk are spread thin to deal with the giants, more and more raids on town's and villages have occurred. Word has spread to Waterdeep that Nightstone is in need of such adventurers, for goblin raids have been frequent. As a popular retreat for wealthy nobles they aren't equipped to deal with this threat. Lady Velrosa Nandar, the High Steward of Nightstone has reportedly been offering a reward to anyone willing and able to deal with the goblin threat. Nightstone lies east of Waterdeep and just south of Ardeep forest.

How your party came together is not my story to tell, but I know where I can begin. It all starts with a group ready to begin their first adventure. The party's motives, may it be for fame, fortune, glory or something else are as yet unknown to the world, but sight has been set on Nightstone. The party wake up to a warm morning with but a few small clouds to the sky. Prepared and well rested after a good night's rest they set off for Nightstone …


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