Storm King's Thunder

day 4

While taking a rest in the inn while a few were on guard duty, making sure they wouldn't be caught with their pants down, Bjorn had a strange dream with a small creature named Damh. He offered him more power in exchange for 'spreading the light'. Nothing else happend during the restfull night.

In the morning the part decided to check out the castle in the walled village of Nightstone. There they found 4 guards who were still very shaken by all that had happen in the village. While talking to the guards they hear that Lady Nandar died, giants attacked the village and took the nightstone and goblins raided the village. 

After they buried Lady Nandar next to Lord Nandar in the crypt they heard a group of orcs comming for Nightstone. The party noticed that these orcs were in combat not too long ago and after they killed more than half the pack the orcs fled, not being able to get a foothold in the village.


ekersander ekersander

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