Storm King's Thunder

Day 4 continued, the dripping cave

After dealing with the Orcs the party saddled the horses and went to the dripping caves with one of the guards. On route to the cave, Björn saw a tree with a sparkle in the middle and getting closer he saw that there was a small portal with a necklace hanging inside the portal which he grabbed. After he got back on his horse and the party continued to the cave. 

At the cave Eladrami used his wildform to turn into a rat and explored the interior. He saw two ogres and four goblins and reported back to the group. They set up a trap outside by making a sound like a shreeking pig and after making an illusion of a pig 60 ft from the entrance. The ogre went for the pig and then Glim cast grease on the entrance so the others couldn't follow so easily. The second ogre fell on her ass a couple of times trying to get past the greased area. 

After dealing with the ogres the party killed the goblins inside the large area in the cave, rescued the villagers and went on searching for Hark. 

They found him at the back of the cave and dealt with his retinue with some shots and a well placed moonbeam from Eladrami while casting a spell on Hark himself, suggesting he should undress himself and start wanking in the corner, right in front of the girl he held captive there. Undressed and without his guards he was dealt with in a matter of seconds


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