Storm King's Thunder

End of day 4, start of day 5

Ardeep forest and deeper into the dripping caves

After dealing with the black pudding in the front area of the dripping caves the party returned Daphne to Nightstone together with the goblin villagers from Hark's tribe.

The villagers supplied the party with more information and the party helped the villagers a bit with some heavy lifting necessary for rebuilding Nightstone. They left the following day to follow the Orcs they faught the day before.

Soon it was apparent that the Orcs didn't dare to enter the Ardeep forest and made a circular track around the forest. After a while they lost the track all together and both elves decided to give Rond Arrowhome a visit to get more info. After a tenious introduction with Rond Arrowhome they got some more info and after they returned to Nightstone to group up with the rest of the party. 

Once grouped they decided to explore the dripping caves further and they found an excavated tunnel with a statue of a man beside it. They soon found out he was made by a basilisk which almost turned Björn to stone. 

On the other side of the tunnel they found an old well carved stone door with a symbol of fire, water and earth on it and the tekst stating "for all those who feel worthy"


ekersander ekersander

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